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Melaleuca Vitality Coldwater Omega-3 DHA EPA – Cardiovascular health brain eyes vision stamina

New Melaleuca Vitality Cold Water Omega-3 gives you the critical Omega 3’s you need? from 100% pure Cold Water fish in the right balance 2:1 DHA to EPA and in the right dose, a full 930mg. With all the attention being given to Omega 3’s lately it’s no wonder more people are trying to more of this critical nutrient in their diet. After all Omega 3’s have been linked to cardiovascular health, brain health, including mood and mental acuity. Eye health, including vision and stamina. And improving overall health and well-being. So the real question becomes what’s the best way to get the research recommended amounts of DHA and EPA Omega 3’s? To get recommended amounts of Omega 3’s, all you’ll have to swallow is two little capsules. Introducing all new Vitality Cold Water Omega 3. A natural supplement from the trusted for nutritional products, Melaleuca. Review support optimum health – all new Cold Water Omega 3 from Melaleuca.

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